Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to Send Us Stuff

Although there isn't much here now, this space will be crucial to you, our supporters, when the time comes. You will find:

  • Instructions on how to address mail to us
  • Information on what we do--and do not--want to receive while on the trail.

This post is a work in progress, and the two of us will collaboratively add to it as is appropriate for each.

Town and Date Estimates

(Note that we may be behind or ahead of schedule. Because post offices will only hold general delivery for a certain number of days, perhaps a month, it is probably best to aim on your mail to arrive at the post office a week before we are scheduled to arrive. This gives us the best chance that we will receive what you send, while still allowing us to get off-schedule)

We will post scheduled stops here when we have an idea of our pace. Until then, our parents may be able to forward letters sent to our Wake Forest address. As always, check back for updates. Thanks!

How to Address Mail

Daniel or Brittany Lewis
c/o the business sending to (General Delivery if sent to a PO)
Please Hold For Thru-hiker
(estimated date of arrival)

If you want to find out where we are exactly or where we have been, Daniel will be soon setting up a Google Map that will be updated along with the blog by one of our internet minions, to show where we have been along with dates and where we will be going along with updated estimated dates of arrival.

What to Send

For now, visit this page for info and etiquette: Packing and Sending the Perfect Maildrop

If you send a care package, you will be our favorite person for the week! In general, remember space, weight, and quantity. Three dozen cookies we can put away before leaving town, but three dozen Clif bars might spend too much time on our backs.

Daniel's List of Things That Would Be Fun to Get in the Mail

  1. Guy stuff
  2. let you know later
  3. love...

Brittany's List of Things That Would Be Fun to Get in the Mail

*Don't forget that I'm vegan, and I'm looking for no animal ingredients and no animal testing.

  • vegan jerky (Primal Strips) or textured vegetable protein/TVP
  • dairy-free chocolate, cookies, fudge
  • dried fruits
  • powdered soy milk
  • coconut oil
  • a tiny dab of vegan conditioner?
  • letters and stuff
  • interesting newspaper/magazine/internet/journal articles
  • blank stamped postcards
  • love

Remember, check back for updates.

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