Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hurricanes and Mushrooms

     All the water that hurricane Irene pumped in here wet the place down good and then the following tropical storm kept it that way. Rumors say that theres going to be some snow tonight on the mountains and it's going to be at least the first frost tonight. That's a pretty crazy notion but what we have at hand are MUSHROOMS!! I've seen a lot of mushrooms the past couple of weeks here up in Maine and this is just but a small sample of where there is. Enjoy!

Hurricane Fran (1996)
Projected path of Irene 2011. Purple path closest to actual.

Scrambled eggs


Carolina Hurricanes

Unda da sea, unda da sea!

Yes, it's purple
Hurricane Andrew

large and dying


Potato Chip

Cherry Tomato

Hurricane Irene in New England

Saturday, September 10, 2011

REI Garage sale @ Cary, NC location Sept 17!


So I just wanted to remind everybody in the Raleigh area that there is a garage sale at the Cary, NC REI store so that if there was anything that you wanted to get in the out of doors department then you will want to go and get it THIS WEEKEND, SEPTEMBER 17.  Be sure to ARRIVE EARLY by at least an hour. The store opens at 10:00 am as far as I know.  There are crazy stupid deals on gear. Everything has been used by someone and returned for one reason or another but LOTS of it is brand friggin new! Once again, a great chance to get some great nearly new gear!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arriving in Monson, ME

Time: 9:48 am
Place: Shaw's Lodging (not the "triangle" Shaw)

I've been here in Monson for about a day now and I arrived just in time to get to the barbecue joint in town. It's pretty much the only restaurant and they are open for lunch on Mondays which was pure luck. I was talking to a guy about going there and when he found out that I was from NC he said that I should get anything but barbecue because NC's got the best barbecue anyways. He was right. It was more or less heavily smoked pork and beef with sauce on a soggy bun but after 8 days of pasta sides it was still relatively delicious.

My camera died on the plane when I was taking pictures of the lit cities streets below as the sun was rising over the east coast, but I do have those 'new' pictures at least. The charger is lost in the mail somewhere at a post office in Pennsylvania. Not much evidence survives that I was ever in the 100 mile wilderness but I will leave you with the high flying pics!

Sunrise from a bird's belly