Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arriving in Monson, ME

Time: 9:48 am
Place: Shaw's Lodging (not the "triangle" Shaw)

I've been here in Monson for about a day now and I arrived just in time to get to the barbecue joint in town. It's pretty much the only restaurant and they are open for lunch on Mondays which was pure luck. I was talking to a guy about going there and when he found out that I was from NC he said that I should get anything but barbecue because NC's got the best barbecue anyways. He was right. It was more or less heavily smoked pork and beef with sauce on a soggy bun but after 8 days of pasta sides it was still relatively delicious.

My camera died on the plane when I was taking pictures of the lit cities streets below as the sun was rising over the east coast, but I do have those 'new' pictures at least. The charger is lost in the mail somewhere at a post office in Pennsylvania. Not much evidence survives that I was ever in the 100 mile wilderness but I will leave you with the high flying pics!

Sunrise from a bird's belly

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Brittany said...

How exotic! Oo another tip. If you go to the NOS or whatever near the Kennebec (woot!), their unlimited pasta bowl is a lie. Jeramiah had three and then they cut him off, and he still paid. Sad. And it was just noodles and marinara. Maine is blending together for me, but I recall beautiful peaks. Air out your feet whenever you take a break! I keep thinking about you and wondering where you are and hoping you'll visit me!