Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monson, ME

So Daniel finally posted the letter I sent him from Damascus, you can check out the post by him below.

There's so much I want to talk about, but I know I have to get off the internet soon, and start hiking to the shelter 6 miles off the road, but 4 miles hitch... I want to talk about hitching, and police, and generous people and their homes, and Gravy the kitten, and moose, and mud, and Ktaadn, and a bald eagle, and rocks, and hiker boxes, and mildew, and ponds, and a motorcycle, and mosquitoes...but it can wait. I spent the last probably two hours messing with getting the photos off of my camera. And I'm tired of the computer. Here.

They added backwards this time, so they're all out of order, most recent photos first.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

This should be my last Damascus post. It's different from the others because I'm composing on paper and typing up later. Hopefully it will be less hurried.

Summary since Erwin/ Uncle Johnnie's:
We hiked out on Friday, having done an 11 mile slackpack in the morning, 4 more to the shelter. Grant and Ian were there with us and we matched pace the next three nights as well. The third day, the four of us ended up getting sucked into a nearby lunch counter run out of of a woman named Connie's home. It's called the Greasy Creek Friendly. I ate chips and salsa, portabella shroom burger, and a salad (all delectiably delicious trail treats). I even ate the chunks of carrots, it was that good. Connie was a sweet middle-aged lady, with cute grey braids, running the place all alone. We heard that before we came, she was singing 80's songs and making her cat dance. But shw eas so frienfly. The four of us camped outside there, baked biscuts on a stick and came up with the idea of hiking to Maine together.

In the next days we crossed some awesome balds, met some aggressive domesticated horses who bullied us for food until we left, spent a night in a barn-turned-shelter with the full moon and heat lightning in view, passed waterfalls suitable for a hiker shower, walked through a river gorge, climbed a srpuce-fir forest to the former site of a mountaintop hotel, waded a creek, fed ducks on a lake beach, and marched through driving rain. However, wading the creek was part of cursed quest to find a resupply point. We walked through pouring rain, missed the side trail by almost a mile. Walked back in pouring rain. Found the poorly blazed trail. Waded a swollen creek, waded through briars and came out at Abby's Place. The sign on the door said 'We'll be back at 8:00' Boy was I steamed. What kind of serious hostel does that? Closed all day?! So unprofessional. We wasted an hour and a half and walked close to two needless miles for that.

In the last post I mentioned Kincora hostel, where we cooked everything in sight and baked from found ingredients. I made a sweet potato - banana pie that was very highly rated, for example. Kincora is the best hostel so far. Never closed, low donation only, showers + laundry + shuttle + kitchen + matresses included + great hiker box + hundreds of Christmas postcards from hikers triumphant at Kataadn's summit. So inspiring!

Sorry about the timing folks, I didn't realize that the letter was in there until about a week after I got the package. Then I went computerless for another half week down in Frisco for the 4th. Clear cool blue water, could see your feet at all times. Anyways, there we go.

-Daniel aka Red Flag

Monday, July 6, 2009

Last time saying what a great time I've had at J's mom's house. And a chiropractor this morning? Wowee. Pop poppity pop pop. Here comes the sun, but no pool. Alas. Onward!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I mailed Daniel a letter a while back that I wanted him to post for me; I don't know why he hasn't. Please do so, soon, Daniel.

Long story short, we hitched out in three days to Bowling Green, KY, stayed with my friend there, then hitched in to days to Cincinnati. We spent one night at a hostel and met 2sergeantsbiking, who are biking across the country for a vineyard they want to start. Hitched with farmers and cage fighters next day, and with Mike, a biker from Carrboro, who took us through three states, yay! We camped behind a church. Ali showed us her lab and talked about genetics and stories, and cooked a great soup. And after a day of a speeding ticket, four cops, three times being kicked out of gas stations, and an almost-lost ID, Michael and Nadera let us stay at their house and fed us and showed us their art. A lot of people who didn't give us rides stopped to be sure we were ok, or bought us water, or gave or offered us money. It was very interesting to see their concern.

Once in Cincinnati, we called J's mom and went home. She has fixed fabulous vegan food ever since I arrived. Curry and spaghetti and more curry and hummus and cashew cheese and GREAT smoked barbecued seitan and burgers and pancakes and french toast and mixed drinks. Nom nom nom! And at the big 4th party, a friend brought raspberry almond cookies and brownies that she was perfecting. We spent a little time preparing for the party, and visiting J's camp friends, and going to a neighborhood festival, when I got mendhi on my palm like I've been wanting. We even went to Goodwill to pick up clean, normal clothes to wear while we are here. I made chocolate mousse for later, and we're planning to watch Reefer Madness: The Musical. Maybe we'll also play in pool before we leave in a few days. Before leaving for...Maine!

I'm having trouble with Picasa from this computer, so I've put the latest pics on Photobucket.

Also, I abused my camera a bit too much, and the screen has given up. I'm taking pictures blind now; thought I'd mention it in case you noticed a drop in photo quality.